Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Is there a time frame in which a student must declare their major?
Students are required to declare an academic major no later than the semester they are completing 60 credits. Students who fail to declare a major after completing 60 credits are not eligible to register for any subsequent semester until a major is declared. Transfer students with 60 or more credits must declare a major by the end of their first full-time semester.

How many credits does a student have to be enrolled in to be full-time?
A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to qualify as a full-time student for insurance, some financial aid, and athletic purposes. This is an issue to discuss with students who may want to drop coursework that will then bring their credit load below full time status.

What is the Math Foundations requirement for General Education?
Any math course numbered MA1500 or higher will satisfy the Math Foundations requirement. A student must complete their Math Foundations requirement within their first two semesters at PSU.

Is there a time frame in which a student should complete their General Education requirements?
A student should try to complete their lower-level General Education requirements within their first two years at PSU. Composition and Math Foundations should be completed within the students first two semesters at PSU.

Can a student retake a PSU course at another school and transfer it back to Plymouth?
With prior approval through the Registrar’s office, a student may retake courses he/she has failed at PSU through transfer credit. Those are the only courses students may retake via transfer that will impact on their cumulative gpa. Students may not retake, through transfer, courses in which they have earned credit with grades above F (i.e., a grade of D- earned at PSU may not transfer back to Plymouth to improve their grade point average). For more information regarding these transfer credit policies, please visit the Registrar’s Office web site.

How does a student declare or change their major?
Students submit the electronic form Academic Major Declaration or Change through the Registrar’s office web site to declare or change their major. Typically, a new advisor from the new major department is either chosen by the student or assigned.

How does a student declare a minor?
Declaration of Academic Minor forms are available at the Registrar’s Office or their website. This form requires the signature of the student’s advisor and the appropriate representative of the department or council offering the minor. CLICK HERE to find out who the appropriate representative is to sign your form.  Completed forms are returned to the Registrar’s office.