Student Affairs

The mission of Student Affairs is to educate, develop, and support.

By extension, we serve families, parents and our campus colleagues as they work to assist students.

Purpose:  Our purpose is to holistically serve students to advance their self-knowledge so that they may meaningfully engage in and contribute to the communities in which they live.

Core Values:  Our core values are evident in the manner in which we work: engaging our students in high impact learning experiences,respecting diversity of opinion and thought, and fostering a secure environment that enhances positive growth and development.

Student Learning Outcomes:  Through participation in enriching, trans-formative experiences, our students expand their self-knowledge so that they may positively contribute to the campus community and greater society.  The Student Affairs division focuses skill development for students in these four domains:

Responsibility (self)

Accountability (to others)



The office provides numerous support services geared towards enhancing student success, as well as provide students with an outstanding co-curricular experience.