Courses Offered

The Women’s Studies minor works with your major to strengthen your overall program of study.

The interdisciplinary 15-credit program consists of one required course and four additional approved Women’s Studies courses.

Required Courses:

WSDI 2500- Feminism in the U.S.

Approved Courses – Students must complete 12 credits, including at least nine credits at the 3000/4000 level.

AH 3750Women, Art, and Society

CJ 3515 Women and Crime

CMDI 2025 – Sex and Cinema in the 20th Century (and Beyond) 

EN 2250 Identity and Difference in American Literature

PYDI 2280 – Women Philosophers

HE 4100Women’s Health Issues

HI 3350American Women’s History

IS 3470Women in Contemporary American Culture

PO 3350Women in World Politics

PS 3200Psychology of Women

SO 3075 – The Sociology of the Family

WS 3300Women and Sport Cultures

WS 3500Topics in Women’s Studies

WS 4000Internship

WS 4910Independent Study

Only one Approved Course may be selected from the student’s major field of study. At least 12 credits of the minor must be completed before the Internship occurs. WS 4000 is limited to three credits in the minor. Students may submit a Student Request form to the Women’s Studies Council Chair to request consideration of another course to meet the Approved Course.