Past Winners

2019: Molly Cassidy

Evaluating NH Nonprofits’ Service to Women of Color

2018: Monica Hamel & Rebecca Turmel

Wonder Woman: A Look at the Characterization of Women in Hollywood Film

2017: Isabella Richard

The Medieval Women’s Struggle for Agency

2016: Shannon Griffiths

A Governing Body

2014: Jess Steever

ENDA 2013: Ending Transgender Workplace Discrimination

2013: Brittany Harty

The Importance of Being aLady: Breaking Down Femininity as A Gender Norm

2011: Becky Cressy

“Some Demon’s Mistress, or the Demon’s Self”

The Vilification of Women in the Poetry of the British Romantic Period

2009: Carrie E. Waldron

Triolets, Rechargeability and the Feminist Movement:

Multiple Connotations in Kathleene West’s “Current Event”