What We Offer

Group writing support
In addition to working with writers one-to-one, we can also support writers who are working in a group.

Online consultations
If you are an online student or someone who commutes to campus, we offer online writing consultation for your convenience. Please e-mail director Jane Weber, jlweber@plymouth.edu, to learn more.

Weekly appointments
You may set up a weekly appointment with any writing consultant. You can cancel if you need to and start up again when it is convenient for you if that time is still available.

Resumé guides
Come use any of our resumé guides as a reference. You can also work on your resumé or cover letter with a consultant.

Writing handbooks and citation help
A quiet place to work
Feel free to come to the Writing Center, even if you aren’t looking for a consultation. Sit down at one of the computers in our cluster, or grab a seat at a table or on one of the couches. Make yourself comfortable and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Computer cluster
We have several computers and a printer, and our cluster is available to you during any hours that Lamson Library is open.