Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

This research was sponsored by Plymouth State University (PSU). We thank the members of the Research Advisory Council, who provided funding and feedback on our initial proposal. We are grateful to our business faculty colleagues and to Dean Robyn Parker for their support and for allowing us time to dedicate on this project.

We were greatly assisted in our research by the insights, expertise and support from Dr. Ben Amsden, Director of the PSU’s Center for Business and Community Partnerships and from Dr. Thaddeus Guldbrandsen, currently President of Pemi River Consulting LLC.

We thank The State of New Hampshire Division of Economic Development staff for their support in defining, implementing and promoting our project. Our special thanks go to Nathaniel Nelson, International Trade Officer and Lorna Colquhoun, Communications Director, who provided us with unwavering enthusiastic assistance.

We would like to thank the SelectUSA staff for their input that helped us get results of better quality.

We would also like to show our appreciation to graduate assistants Michele Trites and Jarek Krajewski for their support in compiling and verifying the data.

We thank the businesses who cordially participated in our survey between November 2016 and March 2017.

We are immensely grateful to all who assisted us in the creation and the launch of this report, although any errors are our own and should not tarnish the reputations of these esteemed persons.

The findings of the study are based solely on our data samples. The analysis relies on the accuracy of data reported by Uniworld Online and the exactness of information provided by the references used in the report. The outcomes represent a snapshot of the current situation. The terminology, the terms and the context of the analysis are as defined by the authors. While we are confident that the report provides meaningful information to executives and organizations, our analysis is not driven by any agenda beyond what is stated in the report.