Industry Patterns

Foreign companies’ activities in New Hampshire since 2001 are mainly taking place in utilities and IT. These industry sectors dominate in intensity, followed at a distance by business undertakings in health care. Financials and industrials sectors see less than a half of the foreign firms’ involvement in the top sectors. Some foreign activity has been happening in consumer staples and consumer discretionary sectors. The industrials sector has recorded the most acquisitions, comparatively. Foreign activity in consumer discretionary and consumer staples sectors has focused on expansion.

Almost two decades of expansion in utilities and innovation in IT

Expansion is the key activity in utilities. Activity in this sector has been dominated by Canadian firms. Foreign activity in IT has been focused on innovation, development and local technology certification. Most foreign firms engaged in IT have been European, with UK-based businesses at the forefront. Most foreign activity in utilities and IT has been taking place in the past decade, with planned expansion and planned product development taking place in the early 2000s.


Financial organizations take advantage of already strong presence in the state

Financials has been a sector with varied activities. Foreign financial firms have engaged in contract-based expansion beyond the state. Financial organizations in New Hampshire have facilitated access to overseas markets for other companies. Benefiting from large international parent companies, these foreign firms have brought innovations and capital to the state.

NH Health care is a sector of more recent appeal for foreign business activity

Acquisitions and R&D have been key undertakings in health care in the last decade.  Canadian and Swiss companies have been at the forefront of all business activities in this sector.