Student Employees

Useful Information & Forms

Pay Calendar

Where do I turn in my timesheet?

Is there a pay schedule my supervisor follows for entering my hours worked?

  • Yes. Your supervisor follows the non-exempt pay schedule, Pay Calendar.

When do I get paid?

  • The non-exempt pay schedule includes check dates.

I didn’t receive my paycheck! What should I do?

  • If you did not receive a paycheck, the best place to start is with your supervisor. Make sure s/he has sent your hiring paperwork to Human Resources and that your hours worked were entered. If your supervisor has done both of the above steps, ask your him/her to contact Human Resources on your behalf to determine the whereabouts of your paycheck.

What paperwork needs to be completed before I can get paid?

  • In order to process your pay we need both a W-4 and an I-9 to be completed with either  the Human Resources Office or with your supervisor.  Please note: The I9 form requires either a  valid passport OR two forms of ID, for a complete list of acceptable forms of identification, see the instructions on the I-9 itself). Due to legal requirements, you must appear in person to present your identification. PHOTOCOPIES/FAXES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION. *
  • Your supervisor needs to complete a student hire request form.

I had direct deposit last year. Do I need to complete a new direct deposit form to activate that again?

  • No. Your direct deposit is automatically rolled over unless you tell us otherwise. Please note that if you have changed banks you will have to update the information in WISE.