Classification Forms

All position management including requesting of new positions, will be done through People Admin.  Please contact HR for assistance with training, or get started with this Guide.

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Human Resources can help you with your job classification and compensation questions.  Below are some frequently asked questions:

Who or what determines my title?
Once a position’s classification is determined, an official USNH job title is associated with and attached to the position. Certain employees may wish to use an unofficial, or what we call “operational” job title. For example, an Administrative Assistant III working in a large office and reporting to the department chair may wish to use an operating title of “Assistant to the Chair.” Any unofficial or operating title must be reviewed by Human Resources, and any such title with the word “director” in it must also be approved by the USNH Classification Committee.

How are starting salaries determined?
When a position is classified (see above), the resulting job classification determines the appropriate pay range. For example, an Administrative Assistant II position is attached to pay grade 6. Pay grade 6 (and every other pay range) has several dollar values assigned to it, specifically: minimum, quartile, midpoint, third quartile and maximum. PSU policy states that starting salaries fall between minimum and quartile. Presidential approval is required for any starting salary over quartile. An individual’s credentials, any prior service at PSU, and performance history are all examples of factors influencing starting salary.  Wage Schedules