Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations of all staff are conducted annually.

Evaluations will be done online through People Admin Performance Management module. Supervisors should work with their direct reports to establish a timeline for completion.

Employee HR Performance Evaluation Training

Supervisor HR Performance Evaluation Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance evaluations of all staff are conducted annually.

How do I access my staff’s position descriptions?

Staff position descriptions are housed in People Admin.

Access Position Descriptions Training

Why do we need performance evaluations?

Formal performance evaluation is:

  • A means of constructively analyzing the efforts of individuals
  • A means of determining where improvement is necessary, and
  • A procedure by which communication is enhanced, thus providing a forum for guidance and counseling to promote the growth of staff members. The University System expects high standards of performance from staff members in accordance with both institutional objectives and the statements of job responsibilities. Each institution has the responsibility to provide employment conditions which foster personal and professional growth and productivity.

What are performance evaluations used for?

  • Written performance evaluations serve as a record of the staff member’s performance history
  • Decisions concerning performance-based salary increases are based on the written performance evaluation
  • Decisions regarding professional development and training may be made using performance evaluation objectives and information
  • Performance evaluations provide documentation for such personnel actions as promotion, transfer, probation, discipline and/or termination.

Who is responsible for conducting my performance evaluation?

Supervisors of staff members are responsible for scheduling and conducting evaluations.

When will I be evaluated?

Performance evaluations of all staff are conducted annually. A six-month introductory evaluation is sent to the employee’s supervisor one month before their six-month anniversary date.