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Teaching Lecturers Information from the Office of Academic Affairs



The following benefits apply to all Teaching Lecturers who are teaching three or more credits per semester. Please also see the USNH Employee Benefits Online Policy Manual 5.0 for more information.

Campus Events

Teaching Lecturer members are invited to participate in convocation and graduation ceremonies, as well as other campus events to which full-time faculty are invited.

For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (603) 535-3500.

PSU Bookstore – Barnes & Noble College

Online Store

For more information, contact Stephen Rheaume, Bookstore Manager at (603) 535-2266.

Health Insurance

USNH Health Insurance Open Enrollment Information

ACA Eligible Marketplace Notification

Identification Card

A non-status PSU ID card will be issued only to the Teaching Lecturer.

Your PSU ID card allows for:

  • Use of Lamson Library. Access is extended past the adjunct’s dates of appointment, including access during the summer months. For more information, contact: Lamson Library at (603) 535-2455.
  • Use of the Physical Education Center and the swimming pool.
  • Purchase of meals at Prospect Dining Hall at door prices or via the Faculty/Staff discounted meal plan.
  • Participation in the annual ski program offered by the Student Senate.
    • For more information, contact the Student Life Office at (603) 535-3215.

Enterprise Technology & Services

Technology resources are provided to support the academic research, instructional and administrative objectives of the University. These resources are extended for the use of University faculty and staff to accomplish tasks related to the user’s job responsibilities at PSU, and consistent with PSU’s mission.

For more information, contact your department chair.

Parking Permit

Faculty/Staff at PSU
  • Faculty and staff permit holders have a number of lots to choose from campus-wide, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can obtain a parking lot map at the UPD office or view it online.
Permits are Required
  • All campus lots require a valid PSU parking permit year-round. A sign is posted at the entrance to each parking lot, which indicates the permit that is required to park there and the lot number.
Additional resources found here: Faculty/Staff Parking Regulations

For more information, contact University Police at (603) 535-2330.

Professional Development

Professional development funds may be made available on an ad hoc basis to teaching lecturer members. These funds may be made under special circumstances when addressed directly to the Office of Academic Affairs.

For more information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (603) 535-3500.

Retirement Contribution

For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at (603) 535-2250.

Additional information can be found on the USNH Adjunct Benefits site.