Study Abroad Programs

It’s never too early to plan
your study abroad experience.

The world is waiting for you!

Plymouth State University is excited to announce that we are partnering with the University of New Hampshire to offer study abroad & study away opportunities for PSU students.

Application Deadlines for Study Abroad
September 25 (for Jterm and Spring study abroad)
March 5 (for Summer and Fall study abroad)

Sign up directions in Via-TRM (software used for study abroad) for Plymouth State University students to access the University of New Hampshire study abroad programs for the first time

To create your Via account, please review these step-by-step instructions first, then click on the link below and begin following these instructions:

  • Click Sign Up
  • Create your account by entering your Plymouth email address
  • Enter and confirm a password
  • Verify your organization is the University of New Hampshire
  • Confirm your information to create an account
  • You will get a green checkmark if all goes well with creating your account

Once logged in, please start by filling in the information in the “Traveler Info” section so that your information will be complete in the system. Click “Save” before moving to a new section otherwise your information will be lost.

  • Under “Personal Information”
    • When you get to the “Home Campus” field please type “Plymouth State University” rather than PSU
    • Under the “College or Faculty” field please list your Academic Program (major) at PSU
  • To view programs, click on “Programs” in the dashboard above and Take the Program Match Quiz if you wish
  • Once in programs, click on the heart to save that program for easy viewing later

Now that you have read the instructions thoroughly, click here to Sign Up in Via:

Bookmark your profile tab for future easy access. You will choose “Sign In” for future Via access.

If you have any issues logging in, please email